DLRC Auctions Reports Another Strong Sale

DLRC Auction #328 is reporting strong numbers, sitting at over $200,000, their sale will close tonight. This event offers two collections The Smoky Mountains Collection has a great run of collector coins in DGS holders. Some of the highlights include: 1877 1c DGS AU53 (Cleaned, Light Corrosion), 1918/7-D 5c DGS XF40, 1937-D 5c 3 Legged DGS AU55, 1895-O 10c DGS MS62 (Lightly Cleaned), 1916-D 10c DGS AU53 (Cleaned), 1896-S 25c DGS XF40 (Cleaned and Retoned), 1916 25c Standing DGS AU53 (Lightly Cleaned), 1918/7-S 25c DGS VF35 (Cleaned, Environmental Damage), and many other seldom seen, desirable coins.

And The Sidewinder Collection holds over 200 U.S. Coins with many outstanding PCGS and NGC coins. Some of these highlights include: 1805 10C 4 Berries PCGS AU50, 1896-S 25c PCGS AU53 OGH, 1883 50c PCGS MS64, 1879 Trade$ NGC Proof 63, and 4 seldom seen patterns. This auction has extremely reasonable reserves and something for everyone.

About David Lawrence

IN MEMORY...8/4/1941 - 5/25/2002 David Lawrence Rare Coins was founded in 1979 in Hollywood, Florida by David Lawrence Feigenbaum. That was the year the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the world silver market and coin prices went wild. Naturally the business got off to a good start and we haven't looked back since. Dave's interest in coins began in the early 1950's in New York City, when interesting coins were still circulating. As a young numismatist, he was intrigued by the Barber coinage (dimes, quarters and halves named for the designer) which appeared occasionally, but only in low grades. Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Liberty Standing quarters and Walking Liberty halves could also be found and Morgan dollars were still available at the bank! Later, Dave continued collecting while he pursued a Ph.D. in Oceanography, but eventually started buying and selling on a regular basis at local coin shows. The business was officially launched in 1979 as a part-time venture out of his home and, in 1988 he left University life completely and opened a full time office in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In September of 1996, Dave was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. He fought bravely for nearly six years but eventually succumbed and passed away on May 25, 2002. Dave is survived by his wife, Lynn; children, Nancy and John; and 5 grandchildren. All who knew Dave were better off for the encounter. Since his passing we've had dozens of letters from collectors whose love of numismatics was stoked by Dave's passion of the hobby.
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