1912-P Barber Quarter

[The following excerpt is published courtesy of DLRC Press and its author, David Lawrence. This information was originally published in 1994 in The Complete Guide to Barber Quarters.]

* * *


Business strikes: 4,400,000

Proof strikes: 700

Varieties: 0ne specimen with die cracks from left and right wings tips to rim. Also, a very light crack through top left of D in DOLLARS to bundle of arrows (photos).

Scarcity: A common date, but a bit tougher than the 1909-P, 1914-P & D; 1915-P & D and 1916-D issues.

Rarity Ratings: R1 ALL GRADES. The proofs have one of the lower certified populations.

Ranking: Business strikes – 53rd in mintage, tied for 69th in certified population (355 coins), tied for 65th in MS63 PI and 58th in Gem PI.

Proof – 11th of 24 in mintage and 4th in certified population (194 coins).

Comments: Comes nice, but being late in the series it doesn’t often have a strong strike, Some D’s should turn up with careful searching.

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