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[The following excerpt is published courtesy of DLRC Press and its author, David W. Lange. This information was originally published in 2005 in The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes]

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MINTAGE: 60,740,000 (Ranking 67/77)

POPULAR VARIETIES: John A. Wexler and Kevin Flynn list two doubled-die obverse varieties80 One of these is, of course, the overdate, while the other is quite minor.

At least seven repunched mintmarks are known, one of which is found with the 1942/41-D overdate. For more information on this important variety, see the following pages.

One or more die cracks may appear, including the familiar position from wingtip to rim. The “broken nose” die state is likewise common.

RARITY: This date is common in all popular grades including fully struck gem, and original rolls probably exist.

COMMENTS: Typical of ‘D’ Mint dimes from the 1940s, well struck examples with full bands are readily available. Semi-prooflike fields are not uncommon, and the typical Mint State 1942-D dime is a very attractive coin.

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