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1894-S VAM-7 Morgan Dollar Discovery Coin Available in Auction

As many variety “discoveries” as I have made, you would think lots of Morgans would be among them. Not so though. Until the middle of last month I had never attempted to get a VAM listed. VAMs are die varieties on Morgan and Peace dollars. Why have I never submitted a Morgan or Peace dollar for listing you ask? I really don’t know. I have known Leroy and his lovely… Continued...

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1857 Smoking Liberty Quarter Now Has Established Sales Prices

Okay sports fans, we have the starting line-up for the 1857 Smoking Liberty Quarters. In the recently concluded DLRC Auction 367 four DGS encapsulated examples of the Barbieri Cache of this 152 year old variety sold. As prominent as it is, it amazes me that the variety went unreported until last year!

The plan with these coins was to sell a few of them to established some… Continued...

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Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U. S. and Colonial Coins Available Online

My work has me searching the internet quite frequently. While I am at it, I keep my eyes out for websites I believe will be of particular use to collectors nation wide. Tuesday I found a value packed one and can hardly wait to get this posting done so you can rush right to it. Continued...

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New Thoughts on the 1857 Smoking Liberty Seated Quarter; Did the Midnight Minter Have Anything to do With it?

I know, I know. I’m beating the subject coin to the point our readers may be getting tired of it. Well, fortunately for those who are getting tired of it, after tomorrow the sale and promotions should be all over. However, since the sales end tonight, the variety is heavy on my mind and a new theory has evolved.

Could it be that this 1857 Smoking Liberty Seated

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New Foreign Coin Submission Policy at DGS

At Dominion Grading Service we are excited about our quality work, consistency and accuracy. We are able to authenticate, grade and attribute with the best of them. In fact, we are most likely the best there is all around when it comes to attribution of your varieties.

However, every now and then we get a submission of coins that tests us to the limit. I am referring to some… Continued...

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Really, Why Has the New Ultra High Relief Gold Piece Delivery and Availability Been So Sporadic?

That is a tough question and only the U. S. Mint can truthfully answer it. I have heard so many reasons, most of which are related to the bullion markets’ roller coaster ride and suggestions of the unavailability of gold and/or gold planchets. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day. Is it possible the answer is a really simple one related to a lack of distribution preparation?

Yesterday… Continued...

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Dominion Grading Service to Make Submissions Easy

Dominion Grading Service (DGS) is going to make submitting your coins easier than ever. In the next day or two DGS will unveil its new submission form online. All you will have to do is fill in the blanks, print it out and send it in. Granted, that is all you have to do now but Dominion has changed the format completely. To make it easy all types of… Continued...

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A Grand Overview

Collecting by type has always been a wonderful way to collect and when I was a collector, it was truly my favorite. The beauty of collecting by type is that you can customize it totally to suit your tastes and pocketbook. Whether you want to collect every type in the Redbook, do a Twentieth Century collection or any thing in between, it is totally up to you! There is something… Continued...

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